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 My name is Jesus Martinez, I created TruRealm Media to create and distribute publications for video and novels. My partners are Scott Gruenwald, Jeff Konkel, and Jorge Martinez. 

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We are the crew of Inside My Head. We love exploring the unknown and having fun doing it.


Tracking Aliens

 The Inside My Head Crew tracks aliens with special equipment. 

Inside the Mackay Mansion in Virginia City, NV

 Jesus Martinez explores the haunted Mackay Mansion. 

Paranormal Comedy Class

 Scott Gruenwald teaches a paranormal comedy class in Reno, NV 

Jesus Martinez at Columbia State Park

 Jesus Martinez speaks with the fellow paranormal investigators in Columbia State Park. 

Tammy Gyamarthy's haunting

 Tammy Gyamarthy explains the mysterious occurrences at her home. 

TV Interview for The Wolfe Manor Documentary

 Jesus Martinez is interviewed on a show called Central Valley Buzz. 

Scott Gruenwald Tosses His "Sick Hat"

 Scott Gruenwald throws his beanie into the creek to signify his recovery from a stroke. 

Investigating The McConnell House at Columbia State Park

 Jesus Martinez investigates the McConnell House with fellow investigators. 

The Sunset Cruise

 Scott, Jeff, and Jesus take the wheelchairs out for a cruise. 

Lazy Yard Work

 Scott and Jeff show how to do yard work the laziest way ever. 

Exploring Virginia City at Night

 Jesus Martinez walks around Virginia City at night 

Trying a Drink at Taco Bell

 Scott Gruenwald tries the new Starburst Freeze at Taco Bell 

Exploring Virginia City on an Icy Night

 Jesus Martinez explores Virginia City during a very cold and icy night.