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The Doctor's Estate

The book has been well received by readers. This tale of a young man named Ted, who purchases a house with a dark history, is keeping some readers up at night. 

A review from

 "The best part of this book is the characterization. The protagonist, in particular, was brought to life through his thoughts and interactions with others. Subtle hints show, rather than tell, the reader what to expect as the plot unfolds. For example, a box full of half-read books is a poignant reminder of his mother’s battle with dementia. Descriptions such as this are simple and profound at the same time. The author took this a step further by including the habits and quirks of the characters which evoked an even stronger connection. I felt like I knew the character so well that I could anticipate his reactions given his preferences for a tidy and organized environment and his nervous cheek-chewing. I found myself cheering him on as he pursued his love interest and felt the anguish of his internal struggles."

A review on Amazon:

  "I choose this book in another authors promotion in exchange of an honest review. It's a love story, a paranormal mystery, it's a fun read. Easy to get hooked, a bit confusing at first, but once you get oriented, you fall for the story and are hooked! A fun interesting read, one you won't soon forget. The author knows how to write, draw you the pictures as though you're watching a movie. A highly enjoyable read!"

A review on Amazon:

 "A fantastic read, this is one of the top paranormal thrillers of 2019. An edge of your seat tale with twists and turns that will see characters rise and fall, and will have readers questioning whether these paranormal happenings are truly happening, or perhaps the stress of life is finally getting the best of the protagonist. If you enjoy a good paranormal thriller, be sure to grab your copy of The Doctor’s Estate by Heather Quinto today!"

To learn more about author Heather Quinto, visit her website: 

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